About Circular Shift

Circular Shift is a small company, and we’re not ashamed to admit it. In fact, “we” have one employee – and you’re staring at him over there to the right. Circular Shift is dedicated to creating quality software at reasonable prices. No non-sense. No high pressure sales. Just tools that work and won’t require you to remortgage your house or sell your corporate headquarters.

Because we are so small, we can provide lightning fast customer service, quickly swerve to accommodate feature requests and bug fixes, and just generally provide that warm and fuzzy feeling resulting from working with a great company and great products. Questions? Found a bug? Want a new feature? Just want to chat? Email me directly, and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

About Alloclave

Alloclave was born out of frustration with the existing tools available for developers for tracking and solving memory problems. Having spent a significant amount of time in the console gaming industry, I’ve logged more hours debugging memory issues than I care to admit.

Most of the memory profiling tools on the market suffer from one or more fatal flaws:

  • They present the data in a way that is not easy to mentally parse. Just because I’m comfortable staring at walls of hex or stepping through cryptic assembly instructions doesn’t mean my tooling should just dump that data at me and expect me to figure it out.
  • Many profiling tools only allow you to view the data either after stopping the profile, or after the application exits. Being able to view the data in real-time as it’s coming in would be a huge step forward.
  • Other tools suffer from unruly integrations. I am not interested in battling an obscure build system or “clever” code that breaks on the proprietary platform compiler that I have to use.
  • Finally, tools that might otherwise be good are inflicted with “enterprise” pricing. Either they cost you $10,000+, or you don’t even know how much they cost until a salesperson flies out to meet you.

So, I set out to build what I think the market sorely needs. A tool that’s easy to setup and use. A minimalistic UI that conveys information in a simple, highly visual manner. A back-end that isn’t burdened by compiler issues caused by non-standard C++ and STL implementations. Extensibility that makes collecting data on any platform a breeze.

Some of these goals are still a “work-in-progress”. Alloclave is currently in pre-release, and is ready to be shaped by customer feedback. If you feel it falls short of these ideals, or have ideas about how it can be improved, pleaseĀ email me. I look forward to your input.

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